Playing the Divine Riches on Helios Slots

Just For The Win, a Microgaming partner, appears to be fascinated with wealth in general. The company has already released Neptune’s Riches and Odin’s Riches, both of which were grid-based slots, and now they’re taking their first foray into the heavens with Divine Riches: Helios. Of course, Helios was worshiped as the Greek sun god. Helios, who was also called Phaethon (meaning “the shining one”) and Hyperion (meaning “the one above”), was frequently shown guiding a chariot through the clouds. With features like jackpots and free spins with premium symbol upgrades, Helios in Divine Riches Helios is shown as a true beefcake, all bulging arms and exploding pecs.

Although Helios is revered as the God of the Sun, the commemorative slot named for him lacks his radiance. Tucked beneath the game’s grid is a deep blue sky through which clouds move. To be fair, this minimalist approach is a departure from the typical columns, temples, and Mt. Olympus allusions seen in Ancient Greek themed slot machines. However, aside from the uber-ripped Greek God, Divine Riches Helios lacks much in the way of visual appeal. The similarities to old WMS favorites like Kronos and Zeus III are intriguing, and may be a subtle nod to these beloved games.

One way to win coins in this game, which is played on a 5-reel, 4-row grid with 30 paylines, is to get at least three identical symbols in neighboring reels. Except for the Helios sign, which pays either direction, all other symbols only pay in a left-to-right fashion. There are three different return to player percentages available in the game, with 96.05% being the best and dropping to 94.04% and 92.16%, respectively. Divine Riches Helios has a medium level of volatility throughout all three modes, and players can wager anywhere from 20 percent up to 30 pounds or euros every round.

The lowest payouts on the paytable are for winning combinations with the lower-valued suits of diamonds, clubs, hearts, and spades (2.5 to 3 times the wager). Olives, pots, musical instruments, horse sculptures, and Helios emblems are the highest paying icons, paying off between 4.5 and 10 times the wager for a line of five. Finally, in Helios, wild symbols may be utilized to substitute for any other symbol barring the scatters that trigger free games.

Features of the Divine Riches Helios Slot Machine

Just For The Win has kept the innovations to a minimum in Divine Riches Helios, opting instead for the Blazing Bonus and Free Spins with the Hand of Helios as its two main bonus features.

Rapid Incentive

The Blazing Bonus function can be triggered if special bonus tokens fall into play. Here, players click on various objects to discover a divine, mega, major, or large symbol. When three of the same symbol are exposed, the prize money associated with that combination is claimed. There are four possible payouts, with values of 5,000x, 200x, 40x, and 15x the wager for the Divine, Mega, Major, and Big rewards, respectively.

Bonus Turns

Free games are triggered when 3, 4, or 5 scatter symbols appear anywhere on the reels. When a free spin round is active, any Helios symbols that appear are kept. Once you have collected 12 Helios emblems, the Hand of Helios function will become available. The Hand of Helios feature, when used, changes a high-paying symbol to the next highest-paying symbol in the paytable. In addition, the Hand of Helios grants an additional two free spins at each time it becomes active. All Helios symbols are gathered until all upgradeable symbols have been converted.

Slot Review: Helios’ Divine Riches

You’re not missing out on anything if you decide to skip Divine Riches Helios unless you’re dying to spin the reels beside one of the hunkiest men in iGaming. Divine Riches Helios features the shiny veneer that Just For the Win slots are known for, and the gaming is decent if you get beyond that. Divine Riches Helios is a rather nice, unremarkable-looking game (albeit the cartoon hero has a certain appeal), and it comes stocked with various rather unremarkable features to match.

It would be unfair to call Divine Riches Helios “plain,” but it lacks several elements that have been employed to equal or better effect elsewhere. Free spins with progressive jackpot selections and Pink Elephants-style symbol upgrades. Although we never got quite that far in the evaluation, I suppose it may be intriguing to go through the entire upgrading process with Helios as the sole high paying symbol on the board. A little bit of uniqueness comes from the pay both ways symbol in Divine Riches Helios, but it isn’t enough to let people overlook the game’s flaws. Most notably, uninspiring gaming and the insecurity that comes from continuously comparing oneself to a ripped alpha male with an awesome jawline. Helios’ Fury, another beast from Relax, has a similar idea with more varied gameplay. Divine Riches may be more your speed if you’re in a nostalgic mood, since it looks to have been inspired by vintage WMS games like Kronos and Zeus III.

Despite the aesthetic similarities to Neptune’s Wealth and Odin’s Fortune, the creative imagination of Divine Riches Helios isn’t quite as expansive. It’s unclear if this is for the best or the worst, as some players may prefer the streamlined excitement of a pick-and-click jackpot bonus. Even with a top payout of 5,000x, Divine Riches Helios feels like it was designed more for display than anything else.






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